the Sickweather Apple Watch App with SickScore®

Sickweather is now the largest community of its kind crowdsourcing over 6 million illness reports each month in real-time. Our new Apple Watch app includes SickScore and a hand washing timer, in addition to the familiar features you've come trust from Sickweather.

Sickweather Apple Watch App Video


A contagion sensing algorithm and index exclusive to the Apple Watch, which lets users know the risk of contagious illness at their current location (similar to the current temperature).

Hand Washing Timer

A "Wash Hands" button can be easily tapped to launch the 20-second hand washing timer with a color coded meter and Taptic feedback to let you know when your hands are clean.

Top Illnesses

See which contagious illness contributed to your SickScore as ranked by the volume of reports and their relative reproductive scores.

Sick Zone Alerts

Get local Sick Zone alerts on your wrist with convenient notifications extended from the Sickweather iPhone app to your Apple Watch.

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