Rapid Prototyping with the Sickweather API: A Case Study from the Flatiron School


One of the reasons we developed an open, free version of our API was for students and hackers to easily access our data and make cool stuff. In fact, one of the winners from a MedHacks hackathon at Johns Hopkins University last year is now on our team helping us with our SickScore model.

Case in point, David Tannenbaum and Ashlee Crusco were recently particpating in a Flatiron School bootcamp in NYC and were looking for APIs that they could use for a Ruby command app which would offer illness tracking capabilities. They soon found our API, and I'll let Ashlee explain the rest...

Pretty cool for only 2 days of development! They even created a couple of features with our data that we haven't offered to consumers yet, like the ability to view a list of cities by SickScore, or show the trending direction of the illnesses being tracked -- both of which are new features in our upcoming, fully redesigned app! In the meantime, we look forward to showcasing more projects like these and celebrating more developers.

submitted by: Graham Dodge - CEO

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