Sickweather API

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All for one, one for all

Our API is built upon our patent-pending technology and powers third party illness trackers like the cold and flu trackers for Clorox, CVS, Weather Channel, AccuWeather and more! These partnerships drive more data and engagement back into Sickweather, supporting a single global health API.

Endpoints return JSON arrays for the following:

  • Individual Markers/Reports: Returns list of reports for the given illness type nearest to the given lat lon.
  • Local Forecast:This endpoint returns the local forecast for an area, including a description of each illness.
  • Submit Illness Reports: Allows you to submit a report of an illness. You can submit with or without your own external ID.
  • SickScore®: Returns a contagious illness threat level index value along with a list of the top 3 contributing contagious illnesses to that value.
And much more! Endpoint customization is also available.

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